by Tardive Dyskinesia

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    Release Date: September 9th 2016

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"Harmonic Confusion" is the 4th Studio Album of Tardive Dyskinesia.
Release Date: September 9th 2016
Via Playfalse Records


released September 9, 2016

Written and performed by Tardive Dyskinesia.
Sound Production, Mixed & Engineered by Steve Lado
Mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios / Sweden
Synths by Manthos Stergiou & Kornelius Kiriakidis
Double bass on Thread of Life by Charis Pazaroulas
Saxophone on Savior Complex by Vassilis Saltikis
Cover Art by Nikos Gyftakis (Taken From the Original Paint "Selfportrait 1")



all rights reserved



Tardive Dyskinesia is a progressive metal band from Athens, Greece formed in 2004.

Contact: tardivedyskinesiaband@gmail.com

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Track Name: Fire Red Glass Heart
Weird… blood comes out of my eyes
as I looked up in the sky
Now all colors turned to red
We are surrounded by a swirl

I sneaked into the soil
I hooked by my fingernails

Blind, I lost my sense of touch
My spinal cord paralysed
Salvation - Deadly Trap
Dramatic conclusion

Drops turn into a thousand seas
Seeds turn into a thousand million trees
The earth is a Red Glass Heart
and the sun cries overhead

Swimming in this ocean
of Acid fire

Bright light upon us
soothes our persistence

Acid fire
Cauterized an open wound

Bright light
The greatest of all Illusions

Drops turn into a thousand seas
seeds turn into a thousand million trees
The earth is a Red Glass Heart
and the sun cries overhead

Visions of the Past
they'll come back
Close your eyes and let them follow you
They're stronger than your will
more than you can deal
You can not resist
Υοu can't hide from visions of the past
You can run, but you can't hide
Track Name: The Electric Sun
Our time is now
There are no more barriers to cross
It’s time to take over control
we've got the fire in our eyes.

When the lights turn down
We keep our eyes wide open

trust your head

Right here, right now
Let's take a deep breath
and run Into the sun
Ignore the signs
Pass through the border lines
Transforming into a migratory god

trust your eyes
the eyes of consciousness
grow like a man
and mature as a child

This road will never end
Destination nonexistent
We are the travelers of the unknown

Sound of inner strings
avoid this lifeless planet

trust your head

Move to the front, Don't turn around
Leave this cave behind… there is no turning back.
Never feel tired anymore
These feet are hammers that pound the earth
over and over again.

let's run in the middle of the road
nothing's gonna stop us now
we are on fire
this fire is out of control

run into the electric sun

The days of future past
there are no more barriers to cross
Track Name: Self Destructive Haze
A strong fury within
Helpless. Cannot resist it
Must serve my abyssal thirst
Burned. Blazed
Strike. Brain. Pain. God
Through mud and dust I breathe

Man, obtain your self-possession

Chain. The will to gain
War of instinct thoughts
There’s no more reason to suffer
I’m drifting out dead
Again. This thing leaves me senseless
Nothing will change

Now I can not feel you
I know your lust is getting stronger every time

Brainstorm. I cannot bleed no more
Great strong self-destructive haze
Track Name: Thread of Life
Taming the big wave
The instinct to survive
Eyes are closed
Frozen bones
The will to overcome

Look at the dark sky
one last chance to breathe
Flash of life
Drown in time
Flow into this ocean

There’s only one retreat
The plan has totally failed
Fire in the sky
No compromise

We’re hypnotized
In a world that breathes no more
Surrounded by hypocrites.
The thread of life
Has been cut long time ago
But the wound still bleeds

Behold the hazy light
The eyes play tricks on mind
Evolution in reverse
Nothing as it seems

Made out of energy
but we still remain

Burning sky
Lighting the night

The cold waves hit the ground
The body is pounding on stones
Balancing upon a thread
The thread of life

Surrounded by pressure
Surrounded by fear
We learn how to live when we die.
Track Name: Concentric Waves
Raindrops of the great storm
Traveller of a straight line

Clouds marching to the seventh gate
Pick your destiny 
Now it's time

Driven by the winds
Don't hold your breath in the sea
The ocean will embrace you
All the past is gone
Now i'm hidden in this pale shade of flesh and bones
I'm Cursed
To breathe the dust of broken ego.

Driven by the winds , in the sea
Don't hold your breath

We are voyagers on a course 
Through time and destiny

Driven by the winds, in the sea
The past is gone.

Raindrops of the great storm
Traveller of a straight line
Track Name: Triangulation Through Impasse
Stars are shattered 
through the sun in thousand fragments  
Black holes deep enough to see the truth 
I am spinning 
as fast as i can, but look at the distance traveled 
At the pleading of ignorant men 
All of humankind starts to unravel and lays blame...
All of humankind starts to collapse facing this state of deception

A fragile voice awakens me in a dream...
A restless spirit speaks to me silently...
Could you perceive?
Would you believe?

We belong in a world 
where things are not so cold...

I cannot feel if there is something else 
I do not hear the golden shining bells  
Thoughts are clear like my consciousness....

A fragile voice awakens me, in a dream

A restless spirit speaks to me, silently

A fragile voice awakens me, in a dream

A restless spirit speaks to me, silently
Track Name: Savior Complex
Seed of justice grown upon me
Shadows what’s left of my sanity
Engraves all my misty thoughts
Erinyes chords
All your virtue rules disgrace me
Subs inhumane disengagement game
Controlled and injected life
Pretentious void

Sovereignty over my degradation
Nurturer of immunization
Righteous in mind
Implant divine
You’re a savior imposter
Is this what your experts call it?
Grease homogenized reality
Pile of inorganic waste
Converged existence
Able of the prohibited
Murderous tendencies striking me
Forcing restoration act
Preying on your guilt
Inner fog
Traces lost.  Facts you’ ll never know
God’ s throne
Grace me with a fiction soul
Track Name: Echoes 213
Spinning words as particles of ice
Feeding lies

We are the ring around the Saturn
with the power to transcend
Floating lost upon a solar wind

The Earth slowly begins to crumble
It quivers, then quakes, it opens
The rivers break.

Spinning words as particles of ice
Feeding lies

Feeding lies

Haunted around the sun
A million years, in pain we trust
Freedom from the shadows of the past

Spinning words
feeding lies